Assisted Living Facilities

Haven Home Health works collaboratively with assisted living facilities and their residents to provide medical care in the comfort of patients’ residences. Assisted living bridges the gap between the freedom of independent living and the limitations of nursing homes for the physical and emotional betterment of the residents.

Skilled Nursing Services for Assisted Living Facilities

 Louisiana senior citizens who reside in assisted living facilities may need “skilled care” not available at the facility. Skilled nursing care refers to care that can only be provided safely by a nurse. Haven’s home health professionals provide such care, all while patients remain in the comfort of their homes. For those who qualify for home health care, receiving the appropriate medical care from skilled professionals early may eliminate avoidable hospitalizations, saving both patients and health care workers time and money.

Learn More about Assisted Living Facilities & Home Health Care

For employees and residents of assisted living facilities in our geographic area of North and Central Louisiana wanting to learn more about home health services and Haven Home Health, please contact us online , or if you have, or know of a patient in need of our services, we are happy to accept online patient referrals  or call 888-428-3600 and a Haven representative will be happy to assist you.

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