Message from Brian Causey
Owner / Administrator

When Haven was founded in 1958, there was one unique quality that my grandfather, Dr. Wren Causey wanted to instill into his infant company. That quality was professionalism  in a family atmosphere. Now decades later, after having thirty successful years of service with my own company, I can see clearly that my grandfather had it right. Success is in family; and that is what makes Haven Home Health different from all the rest.

Haven Home Health is family-owned and family-operated, but most of all, everyone that deals with Haven becomes family: doctors, nurses, patients and even their families. By developing these close-knit relationships, the skilled medical professionals at Haven Home Health can provide the most personal and thorough service without sacrificing medical accuracy and efficiency.

When patients choose Haven Home Health, they adopt a professional family... a constant familiar support network that is there to help. Afterall, isn't that what families are all about?

Thank you for visiting Haven Home Health's website. If I, or my Haven Team can assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to take advantage of the easy-access contact points here  online , or give us a call at 888-428-3600. We'd be more than happy to help.

Remember - if you need us, we are there.