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Important Information for Baby Boomers!

- Wednesday, September 21, 2011

By RONDA W. McKEITHEN Guest Columnist of Louisiana Health & Wellness TODAY

Reporting from a recent lobbying visit to Washington, DC, this is Ronda McKeithen, RN, DON and Assistant Administrator of Haven Home Health. The reason for the trip was to address homecare cuts experienced in 2011 and proposed sweeping cuts to the Medicare Home Health benefit for 2012 including continued proposed cuts through 2019. I, along with Warren Hebert, Executive Director of the Home Care Association of La., And Shannon Blake, RN, Assistant DON of Haven Home Health, met with several U.S. Congressmen including Rodney Alexander and Charles Boustany to discuss the continued drastic cuts to homecare. Both Alexander and Boustany are strong supporters of home care with each stressing how significant savings have been proven by home health over nursing home and hospital care. I have had many opportunities to visit with our Legislators and Congressmen across Louisiana and in Washington, DC. U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu sent top Deputy Aide, Tari Bradford to spend a day with me visiting with some of our home health patients. It has been enlightening for me to hear bipartisan opinions and ideas from our lawmakers concerning Medicare and Medicaid cuts to homecare. As a country we are in the process of experiencing an acute lack of access to care for Medicaid recipients and Medicare beneficiaries. The poor and the elderly are at a disadvantage in the health care game. Medicaid reimburses so little for every aspect of medical care that subsequently health care entities are sometimes reluctant to accept Medicaid patients. Most health care entities actually lose money when they accept a Medicaid patient.

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