"Due to my condition, my doctor likes to watch my blood very closely - so there's a lot of labwork, but that's easy with Haven. My doctor calls Haven's nurse and then she swings by to get exactly what he needs. I don't have to struggle getting in and out of a car and being worn out at the end of the day sitting in a lobby waiting for hours. Haven takes care of it all for me. My day's are much easier. Thank you, Haven." - A.C., Monroe

"I don't know what I would do without Haven Home Health. My nurse helps me keep my medicines straight, and checks my blood pressure and sugar levels.  Alisha, my aide bathes me and helps me around the house; she's fantastic!  Haven even sends therapy to help me keep moving, and set up my doctors appointments for me. I love Haven - they are the best!" - N.P., Winnfield

"I am so grateful for the help I get from Haven Home Health. They all treat me nice. They are my friends.  I look forward to them coming to my house to help me, they really keep me going. My aides and nurses always ask if there's anything else they can do; they are so good to me."  - R.T., Columbia

I've used other home healths, and there's NO comparison to Haven! Their therapy department is like no other and I love my nurse, Kim! She fills my medicines for me and that's very important because there's no way I could keep up with all 15 that I take - it's a peace of mind for me. I'm so glad I'm with Haven - now I don't have to worry. - S.C., Tullos